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Compression Keyboards LLC.

(4c) Split Wireless PCB Pair

(4c) Split Wireless PCB Pair

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(4c) is an ultra-portable, ergonomic, split, wireless keyboard. Take an incredibly comfortable and customizable input experience everywhere, and connect up to 5 devices via Bluetooth or USB C.

This PCB kit comes with two PCBs, both left and right sides are included.

(4c) is powered by nice!nano and runs ZMK firmware. This PCB comes partially pre-assembled but still requires the following components:

  • Nice!Nano (x2) requires soldering
  • Kailh choc hotswap sockets (x58) requires soldering
  • Kailh choc V1 switches (x58)
  • 110mAh 301230 rechargeable lithium battery with PH 2.0mm connector (x2)
  • Nice!View displays (optional, can have either 0, 1 or 2) requires soldering
  • Kailh choc keycaps (x58)

For links and additional guidance on part selection, check out the wiki.

(4c) does not come with a case! compression keyboards sells a beautiful 3D printed case to accompany the (4c), purchase one here or if you have a 3D printer print your own.

Check out our build guide here for instructions on selecting parts, assembling, and generating a layout for your (4c).

This is a groupbuy, units will ship in approximately 3 weeks.

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