Compiling Firmware for (4c)


To compile firmware for your (4c), start by forking the 4c-zmk-layout repo by pressing "fork".

After, you can either edit the configuration files manually by following this zmk guide, or you can use the graphical editor available here. This guide will continue using the graphical editor as it is powerful enough for most use cases.


Example view of the graphical editor.

In the graphical editor, you can sign in with your github account and link your newly created forked repo. This allows you to make changes and commit them back to your repo.

Once you press "save changes" the firmware will begin compile, and in a few minutes, you can download the firmware files from GitHub.


After you have your left and right firmware files, plug in one of your (4c)'s via USB and double-tap the reset button located on the inner edge, this will put your (4c) into bootloader mode.

In bootloader mode, your nice!nano will appear as a storage device on the connected computer, simply copy the correct half's firmware file onto the nice!nano device, it will reboot automatically after the transfer is complete.


Further Customization

You only need to flash the "main" half of the board to make layout changes, by default this is the right half.

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