(4c) is ready for order!

(4c) is ready for order!

(4c) is now open for orders here on compression keyboards!

I have been designing and fine tuning the (4c) since late 2022, and am excited to share this product with the world. This first batch will be an extremely limited run.

Orders will be shipped out beginning in just 3 weeks from today 7/25/23.

Note: if you are purchasing the (4c) PCB kit, please check out our wiki for information on building a (4c) and uploading a custom layout! There is also a build guide video that takes you through all the soldering and assembly directions of the (4c) and its accompanying case.

With regards to cases, you can also purchase a 3D printed (4c) case from compression keyboards and they will ship out alongside the PCB kits. In addition, if you have your own 3D printer you can print your own case by heading to the wiki for files and more information.
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